Proactol Plus Official Review

proactol plus reviewIf you are looking for a magic pill to trim the flab overnight, you might end up in despair. But if it is a reasonable weight loss supplement you have been searching for, Proactol Plus is the right pick.

If you have already heard about Proactol, just understand that Proactol Plus is the improved version of the same fat binder with its effectiveness increased to several folds.

What is Proactol Plus?

Proactol Plus is an all natural fat binder that is made from 100% organic ingredients and no harmful fillers. It contains plant extracts for better results and no side effects at all.

The dietary fiber (soluble and non soluble) contained in this product is patented and known to facilitate weight loss by binding up to 28% of fat contained in your daily meals.

How does Proactol Plus work?

Proactol Plus works on the fat binding process in a natural manner. It contains non-soluble fiber which, after getting in contact with dietary fats, forms a fluidic gel-like substance and makes the fat particles even bigger. Thus the body is not able to absorb these fats easily.

The fats that enter your body with meals are compelled to pass through the digestive system and the energy part gets utilized.  Hence no extra fat is stored in your body to make you fatter.

6 pre-clinical and clinical studies proved Proactol Plus’ ability to reduce your calorie intake by 295 calories per day. Fiber also slows down your digestion and makes you feel fuller for longer. It helps to suppress appetite so you eat less.

Expected results with ProactolPlus

Do not expect overnight weight loss with Proactol Plus. It is a naturally effective product that works slowly and healthily. The soluble fibers present in Proactol Plus will slower down the digestion process by binding up the bile acids. Results might vary from person to person but most of the users reportedly loss at least 1-2 pounds a week.

Indeed you will get to see a slimmer image in the mirror after a month’s usage. It has recommendations from healthcare professionals backed up with clinical proofs.

Proactol Plus is a long-term weight loss solution. It is proven to work for both men and women. With ProactolPlus, you cannot expect fast weight loss by any means, followed by weight loss stagnation or even reverse results when your pounds return back. Proactol Plus is a medical device product, not another typical slimming pills.

Proactol Plus ingredients

The vital constituents of Proactol Plus are certainly the soluble and non-soluble fibers which are patented and clinically proven for user safety.Fiber effect is reducing your appetite and cravings, making you feel fuller. Fiber also participates in binding fat from your meals.

Apart from these it also contains extracts of Neopuntia or prickly pear. Experiments show that this particular ingredient can bind consumed fat effectively. As a result Proactol Plus is able to bind up to 27.4% of the dietary fat that you take in.

Proactol Plus also contains Bioperine, the substance promoting better ingestion of active ingredients in Proactol Plus, thus making this product work more effectively.

Proactol Plus Pros:

  • Reduces fat absorption and binds around 28% of consumed fat
  • Cuts your calorie intake by 295 calories a day
  • Suppresses appetite and allows you to adhere to a balanced diet easily
  • Made from all natural ingredients
  • No significant side effects reported as yet
  • Lowers high blood pressure and cholesterol level in blood
  • Covered with 180 days money-back guarantee
  • Huge media coverage in the UK

Proactol Plus Cons:

  • Proactol does not bind carbohydrates
  • No extra enhancements in energy level is to be experienced with it
  • Expensive compared to other slimming pills (due to the high quality of active ingredient)

Bottom line

Conclusion is that with no side effects Proactol Plus works very effectively in the weight loss process. It binds the fats, slower the metabolism keeping you full and at the same time suppresses appetite. It is probably the best choice for you in case you wish to reach your weight loss goal healthily and safely, losing 1 to 5 pounds a week.

Proactol Plus Buyer Info
Product: Proactol Plus fat binder & appetite suppressor

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Certification: MDD 93/42/EEC, France ECOcert SAS, UK Vegetarian Society, MHRA approved

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Return Policy: Full 180 days money-back on 4-months supply orders

Shipping: Royal Mail – $5 UK & worldwide delivery

DHL – 21.05$ UK delivery, $52.95 worldwide delivery

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Proactol VS Proactol Plus – What is The Difference?

Proactol VS Proactol PlusThe path to weight gain is pretty simple- you eat all junk foods, ice creams and candies to your heart’s content and soon your bloated tummy will closely resemble an inflated balloon. But when it comes to losing those extra pounds that you have accumulated over a period of time, it takes a great deal of patience and effort. To cut short the lengthy part of weight loss, a new products has been launched- Proactol Plus.

Even if you are new to the weight loss industry, you might have heard about that much speculated about product Proactol! Proactol Plus is nothing but an improved and advanced version of the same product. It comes with all the core positive features of Proactol, the antecedent, along with a bunch of unique advantages and certifications.

Common features of both Proactol and Proactol Plus:

  • Both of them contain the patented soluble and non soluble fiber combination that works wonders in fat binding. The non soluble fibers come in contact with the fats consumed and form a fluid like substance to turn the fat particles into large units. Thus it prevents the body from absorbing excess fat and lets it pass through the body. On the other hand the soluble fiber binds bile acids to slower the digestion process and keep you filled for a long time.
  • Both the products act as an appetite suppressant. They help you maintain the diet program easily.
  • Proactol Plus includes all the natural organic ingredients that Proactol contained (patented fibers and prickly pears extracts).
  • Both are assured with money back guarantee, experimental proofs and approval from healthcare professionals.

Feeling confused? If everything is just identical then why should you choose Proactol Plus over Proactol? Well, here are the improvements that you get to see in the improved version:

  • The all new Proactol Plus comes with the CE stamp on its package. It stands for the official clinical authorization which makes it a certified diet pill for European consumers. Now this rules out the slightest risks of illegitimacy associated with this product. It is absolutely  legal to purchase and use Proactol Plus.
  • Along with the intense formula of proactol, Proactol Plus comes with an added ingredient to bind the fat even more effectively. It is known as Bioperine. Now you can eat your favorite foods still losing weight. Proactol Plus also reduces calorie intake by 295 calories a day!
  • The ingredients used in Proactol Plus have been certified by the UK Vegetarian Society and France ECOcert SAS. No preservatives or solvents have been used while extracting these green ingredients from source plants. So the product remains hundred percent organic, natural and effective.
  • New Proactol Plus is supported by some extensive tests which yield improved weight loss results compared to the former counterpart or any other dietary supplement in the market.

Proactol Plus is about to hit the market yet and it is assumed that weight loss enthusiast will find it more effective, useful and healthy this time.  Side effects are almost nil in this product and the limitations have been eliminated precisely. The makers of Proactol have always strived to present their users with the best end product and no doubt Proactol Plus is going to be one of their most successful ventures; reward for their hard work and research.

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Proactol Plus FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Well…who would not like a slim and fit body but it is not really easy to tame your temptations! So often in spite of all those self-control lessons, you may fail to refrain yourself from overeating, snacking on fried foods or relishing on ice creams, chocolates and candies! The end result is ugly bulges, excess weight and a bloated tummy.

Now the way you gained weight, you can lose it as well and a new product Proactol Plus can help you with this. Too many questions popping up in the mind? Here I will list a few of the commonest questions that probably all weight loss enthusiasts will have in mind before they purchase any dietary supplement like Proactol Plus.

1. Is Proactol Plus scam? Does it work?

Answer: Proactol Plus has undergone a number of random, placebo-controlled and double-blind studies and the results are positive about its effective fat binding capacities. The formula used in Proactol Plus has passed 6 pre-clinical trials successfully. As far as media exposure is concerned, Proactol has been featured in the article on eminent British newspaper The Telegraph.

Reputed US dailies like Denver News, The New York Times and Florida Style Magazine has also acknowledged Proactol for its intense effectiveness. Numerous user reviews are also featured on the web to account for the legitimacy and efficacy of this natural fat binder. Finally it is backed by Dr Joerg Gruenwald, the author of Physician’s Desk Reference and 13 healthcare related books.

2. How much weight am I expected to lose and how long to wait for results?

Proactol Plus does not promise you overnight weight loss. It binds up to 27.4% dietary fats and slower the metabolism so that you feel full for a long time. Gradually you lose weight. Some of the users have lost 2-3 pounds in a week, but results may vary from one person to another. But if you follow moderately balanced lifestyle and food habit, you can see outstanding results in terms of weight loss.

3. What if I don’t like the product, what should I do?

Apart from the clinical studies and CE approval mark on its package, Proactol Plus has been licensed by the UK Vegetarian Society and France ECOcert SAS for using natural plant extracts in their purest form. There are no fillers, solvents or preservatives to cause side effects.  Even if you are somewhat unsatisfied with its results (very unlikely though) you get a 6 month money back guarantee with Proactol Plus which further covers the investment risks if any.

proactol plus faq4. Where to buy Proactol Plus and are there any discounts/coupons?

You can order for Proactol Plus online right from your home.

Though plenty of resources on the web (like Amazon, Ebay etc.) sell Proactol Plus, but the quality and authenticity is not always guaranteed with vendors.

You can directly place your order at the official Proactol Plus website that features best deal prices, 24 by 7 customer support and hundred percent original Proactol Plus. You can even avail lucrative price cut using the discount code PROAC8, at the official site on bulk orders (4 to 12 months supplies).

What Makes Proactol Plus Different From Other Slimming Pills?

To lose weight you might have taken all the common ways- starving day after day, exercising your lungs out, and popping in all possible diet pills and many more. Well, probably, like many others, you did not get any real results! Probably you need a supplement that effectively prevents fat accumulation in your body and makes the weight loss goal easy to reach.

Dieters and weight loss enthusiasts are often familiar with the name of proactol and its fat burning wonders. But did you know that Proactol is not available as all new and improved Proactol Plus? Proactol Plus is even more effective, authentic and clinically proven. It is backed up with CE certification (with the label on its package) which makes it a legitimate product to be marketed in European countries.

Proactol Plus has undergone 6 pre-clinical trials and some of the eminent people in the healthcare field support its legitimacy. Dr.Joerg Gruenwald (Author of 13 books), Aurora Barker (Canada Practicing Nurse), Dr Ikram Abidi (Doctor), Will Davis (USA Pharmaceutical Professional) and Dr Emmanuel Ekanem (Doctor) have recommended this product for consistent and side effects free weight loss.

Proactol Plus is manufactured abiding by the guidelines set by MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency). To retain the purity of the natural plant extracts used in Proactol Plus, no filler substances, solvents or preservatives are used and this fact is supported officially by the UK Vegetarian Society and France ECOcert SAS.

Several Placebo-controlled and double-blind random studies performed on Proactol Plus accounted for the fact that it can bind up to 27.4% dietary fats. The combination of soluble and insoluble fibers reduces metabolic rate and forms fluid-like coating around the particles.  Hence the body stops fat accumulation and you lose fat in a healthy manner.  Apart from weight loss it has additional health advantages like lowering cholesterol level, regulating blood pressure and minimizing obesity related health problems.

Proactol has been in the market since 2007 and by now they have over 100000 satisfied customers round the globe. So in case you want to hear it from the real life users go ahead and check for the countless reviews and feedbacks featured on the web. They will account for the credibility of Proactol. Proactol Plus is nothing but a more advanced version of Proactol that includes ingredients like Bioprene to intensify the fat binding effects.

Planning to buy Proactol Plus? I suggest you place your order at the official Proactol Plus website that features a bunch of cost effective deals to grab. You can avail hefty discounts on 4 to 12 months supply. The customer support team is always there, 24 by 7, to answer your queries, help you with authentic information and clarify the doubts if any.

Make sure from the scam resources on the web selling cheap and fake Proactol Plus. But from their official website and get hundred percent original Proactol Plus sitting at home. With some of the most compelling evidences, certifications and customer testimonials handy, you can rarely find any other dietary supplement that could beat Proactol Plus.

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Fat Binders VS Fat Burners

Every weight loss buff bears a different approach in his/her mind and look around for dietary supplements that fit into their weight loss criteria. Some prefer to take the short cut approach and lose the extra pounds fast; barely bothering about the side effects! On the other hand there are others who wish to lose weight consistently keeping hazardous health effects at bay.

There are two popular categories of fat loss supplements available in the market- fat burners and fat binders. Both the supplements differ in ingredients or features and both have their own set of downsides and qualities.

What Are Fat Burners And What Do They Do?

The commercial fat burners that you see at the chemist’s shops or online resources are pills containing some sort of natural or synthetic stimulants that either stimulate your metabolism (sometimes suppress appetite) or increase energy levels. Common ingredients used in the fat burners include Ephedra (banned these days), Pyruvate, Chitosan oe HCA.

Pros of fat burners:

  • Fast weight loss
  • Increased energy level
  • Enhanced metabolism
  • Most of them come with money back guarantee

Cons of fat burners:

  • Fat burners contain high level of stimulants which increase the metabolic rate and the energy level soars up as a result.
  • Users of products that contain both ephedra and caffeine often suffer from serious health problems like palpitations, nervous failure, heart attacks, insomnia, stoke and even death.
  • HCA and Pyruvate barely has anything to do with weight loss and even if they help the process at all, it takes a long time to show visible results.
  • Often long term side effects have been observed in users of fat burners who are above the age of 40 years.

What Are Fat Binders And How Do They Work?

Fat binders actually reduce the fat absorption in body which results in consistent weight loss. They bind the fat particles before they are digested and thus the particles become bigger in size the body fails to absorb them. As a result you end up accumulating fewer fats on the body and the required energy is derived from the already stacked fats. The system remains healthy without any harmful side effects like nausea, insomnia, heart attacks etc.

Pros of fat binders:

  • Fat binders simply bind the fat consumed through meals.
  • Reduces fat absorption in body thereby preventing fat accumulation.
  • You can continue taking big meals.
  • It reduces the rate of metabolism by increasing the size of fat particles and you fee less hungry throughout the day.
  • No reported side effects as such

Cons of fat binders:

  • Fat binders are no way carbohydrate binders. Hence they do not help when you consume a large amount of carbohydrate while taking them.
  • Fat binders do not increase energy level.

Now that you know the functionalities of both fat binders and fat burners, you can figure out on your own which one is more feasible. If it is consistent but healthy weight loss that you are looking for, fat binders might be the best solution.

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